Monday, July 16, 2012


I'm not doing much hand sewing and trying to rest my elbow. Driving my manual and changing gears seems to annoy it the most but sewing a few little leaves on doesn't. Whoopee! Vine no. 5 is finished and I'm half way.

and in the garden it's time for the Red Hot Pokers. They really do look fiery and the Honeyeaters swing on each stem as they poke their long beaks in. Just as well we have more than one clump with all the squabbling that goes on among them.


Shirley said...

These things take time to heal Dorothy but it is good that you are managing some stitching. Those vines are looking magnificent.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Dorothy ;>)
I just discovered your lovely blog a few days ago, and I'm so grateful for such an inspiration !
Your Vines quilt is absolutely gorgeous, Dorothy, and I LOVE your fabric choice for the connecting strips!
This quilt is among my TO-DO list, (as well as Sue Daley's Antique quilt), yet I'm now planning to start the Auntie Green Coverlet... which means as soon as I can find that pattern for sale, hopefully ;>)
Hope your elbow will soon get less painful, dear. Keep going, dear !
Friendly smiles & threads,
Nadine (Belgium/Spain)

Lida said...

What are these beautiful! Love the way it is growing! All those small leaves! Fantastic! Enjoy your beautiful garden, greetings

Heather said...

Those vines are fabulous. Hope your elbow improves soon.

WoolenSails said...

That is an amazing quilt and such beautiful work.
I have found that swimming helps my arms since I use them constantly and do get aches from over use.


audrey said...

Your vines look incredible. Love all the great work that you do! Hope your elbow gets to feeling better.

Nancy in MT said...

Celebrate and dance to the music that you are half way done on your stunning quilt. Hope your elbow heals soon. n

Dawn said...

Wonderful - just love your trailing vines.
SO many leaves - impressive.
Take care of that elbow!!

Cyndi said...

Love your Vines quilt! Has been one of my Many Favorites for many years and hope someday to make it! For now I'll just enjoy looking at yours!

Karen said...

Your Vines quilt is wonderful - are you tired of doing leaves yet???

Marie said...

So sophisticated - I love it. You have a wonderful eye for colour. Hope your elbow heals quickly for you.

Sarah in Houston said...

I LOVE your vines. They gray sashing looks wonderful. You are an inspiration!

Salley said...

Came via quiltsalott and yes she is correct... your vines are simply amazingly gorgeous.

Browndirtcottage said...

I am so impressed with your vines!!!

Anonymous said...

I really love your vines quilt. Would you mind sharing
the colors and or materials you used?
Not sure if the vines and borders are grays or greens.
I just downloaded the pattern, can't wait to start.
Thanks for you help.