Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Some things take longer to do

Back in May, Lori from Humble Quilts  had a small quilt pattern to download with an applique centre surrounded with blocks and borders. I prepared the applique but didn't get to stitch it until this week. I also found a packet of small blocks I had made for something else in my cupboard, so I have used them to surround the centre. I think it turned ok and I'm happy I have one less UFO.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Just a couple more.

Just a few of my favourite ones.


These two last quilts are minatures. They are just wonderful. The hexagons in the border were 1/4" in size. The labels show their size.

 For some unknown reason the last label will not turn.!

Friday, July 26, 2013

A Trip to the Quilt Show

Yesterday I went to the Melbourne Quilt Show and I had a wonderful time and met and saw a lot of friends, visited the many stands with wool and knitted garments. The mohair and alpaca were beautiful to touch. There were many stands with Japanese fabrics especially Taupes this year and I bought quite a few pieces. Last year when I wanted them for the Yoko Saito pattern I couldn't get them. I also got a few new patterns and some very nice fabrics. As usual I spent more than I intended, but then one only gets there once a year. It was lovely seeing friends with winning quilts. Here is Linda receiving her prize and ribbon for her beautiful quilt.
and here is her quilt.
These are a few of the ones I photographed.

This was amazing. One fabric and one piece in each block. 


I'll put some more up tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I've finished sewing my baskets and got them all sewn together.

I'm off to the Melbourne Quilt Show tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


This week I've gone back to sewing the baskets of flowers. Two small baskets for the sides and three more for along the bottom. It's getting there. I pinned up the inner border fabric to see just how it all looked together and I like how it is coming together.

The other flowers are in the garden, with a lovely sunny morning but cold, I love how bright the yellow is in the rather wintry garden.

and  another splash of yellow is the overladen lemon tree. The netting behind is there to keep the possums out of the veggie garden.


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How Many Hours

How many hours does one spend making a quilt. Does anyone every count? I know I've spent more than usual this week but I've had a good reason. When there's a whole round to be completed to see how it looks, it's hard to stop before one's done. So I finished the inner one and although there is a small centre circle sitting there I have to admit I've cut 5 different fabrics ,so far, for it. I'm not going to make a final decision which one I use until the rest of the centre piece of the quilt is finished. Monday the brown triangles got made, Tuesday I stitched the round to the diamond round and I'll admit with a bit of fudging. I made it in two halves with a decent seam allowance to allow for this. 
Tuesday evening I picked out the raspberry fabrics and cut them out. Today I 'Roxanne' d them in place, so tonight I can sit and applique each one. Is my stash too big when I can find 32 raspberry fabrics to use?  LOL!

Temecula Quilt Co 's blog has the pattern [30th June] for these  little baskets to be made and the challenge, I thought, was to make one every day for the months of July and August, but no, the real challenge is the basket block is only 2 inches in size.   I made one and then made some more. It is easier to do a week's worth in one go and on the machine, so I'm up to date until next Sunday.


Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I had only ever taken one photo of my Mary Mannakee although it hangs in my Living Room on a quilt holder and I see it every day. Forgetting just how large this quilt is and not having helpers to hold it up the photos are of it on the floor.

Six years old and I still haven't unpicked and  sewn the date the right way up! In the class I went to the other participants didn't like the original centre so it was changed. This is a Summer Throw and does not have wadding, backing fabric or quilting. I stitched the blocks and borders together using French seams so there are no raw edges The outer edge has a 1/4" hem.