Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sewing and reading

This is the 2nd block for Lori's  Humble Quilts  quilt. There is always a lot of fabric cutting  to be done with each block, so I spent quite a few hours this week just cutting out squares in two different sizes.
This I'm sure will make a difference to the time spent on each block. The bundles of colours are mixed so that I have a large variety to pick from and the shirtings are all the small pieces I have had left over.  The containers I bought at the Supermarket and are a wonderful size for the job they are doing.

Something different! At Somerset on Friday, Karen gave  us a challenge to make the following. She had got them at Market and brought them back for us. They came in a little package with the instructions and a bundle of fabrics.  I haven't done any Foundation piecing for a long time and it was thoroughly enjoyable, to sit yesterday afternoon and make these 'Cupcakes'. I just need to put the borders on and finish them off.


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I forgot you were there.....

While I was in the cupboard looking for my halogen table lamp I found this container/bucket and instantly knew what was inside it. It must be 6 years since I started this project and I also remember that I found it beyond me at that time. What I did forget was that I had...

cut all the background blocks out, all 25 of them and

I had also cut all the pieces of fabric for the applique and placed them inside each block.

and I had already sewn the applique on 4 of them. They are Oak Leaf Wreaths. [ try saying that quickly] in either red, orange or yellow reproduction fabrics. These are going to keep me sewing for quite a while. The red one at the top may have to be unpicked as it's not square on the block, one of 'How to do this' I have since learned. The fabrics are still some of my favourites which is lovely as I know my tastes have changed from when I started Patchwork.
I've also been sewing my Coxcombs and Stars. I finished the berries on the border, all 60 of them and started Block 3. It is lovely to pick up this soft brushed cotton fabric  and sew a bit after appliqueing an Oak Leaf on.