Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Week of Different Pursuits

Last weekend I attended two wonderful days at a workshop by Marg Sampson George. The first photo shows Bev, in the centre, who arranged the workshop and on the left of her, Linda who was our hostess.
Here is Marg showing us one of her quilts and talking about colour combinations.
This next one was one of the quilt patterns we could make. I don't normally do 'bright' but this one like her others contained so many varied pieces of fabric and just to see what was included was wonderful.

This is Marg's centre to the Jane Pizar quilt, the one I am attempting to make. The whole reason that there has not been anything happening with my blog or in fact any of my other sewing pieces.

It has taken the whole week but here is my first circle with the pattern for the centre and the next ring.
and sitting on one of the background fabrics. A better photo with the flash off. ?
I did manage a couple of baskets before the workshop.

and just to show you what I meant by the fabric Marg uses in her quilts here is a photo of part of her English Basket Quilt.
Absolutely amazing. I kept going back to look at it and every time  my eye was  caught by another wonderful piece of fabric. Thank you to my friends for the wonderful weekend and all their hard work involved in bringing it about.


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Sunday, June 16, 2013

The End of another Week

I have been totally absorbed with these little baskets. .

It's such an enjoyable pastime.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

How the time flies...

I am very slowly quilting my Trailing vines and sewing my Coxcombs and Stars but I noticed a friend sewing this pattern, The English Basket Quilt and remembered I had started this when I bought the pattern a number of years ago.

It was a pleasure to find that I had actually had quite a bit done. The blocks and borders are all cut, as are all the templates, baskets and stems. The baskets and stems were attached to their blocks and I had sewn two of them. The fabric for all the flowers, butterflies and leaves I had returned to my stash. Not to worry, as long as I pulled out fabrics that matched the border fabric it would work. It is really quite good as I now have many more yellows in my stash compared to when I started. This is a photo of the first 3 blocks, my borders and the bundle of baskets on blocks still to be done. I have made changes to suit me. I'm not a hexagon making type of person so the dark background in the pattern I've replaced with light and the border fabric will replace all those hexagons etc. Can you imagine how it will look?

A few Sundays ago it was Mother's Day and my Daughter ordered a copy of the catalogue for me, for the V & A quilt show being held at the GOMA in Brisbane from now til September. It arrived yesterday and it is a beautiful book of Quilts and has plenty of detail and reading inside. Thank you Nicola.

Meanwhile I have splashed out and bought 2 new ranges of 'modern' fabrics. I have an idea in my head what the top range will be used for

and this range will be for applique. I do like the Marg Sampson-George quilt on the front of Quiltmania No 94. I think this may have to wait.

My new header for this month is my version of the Sundial quilt. I used a pattern from Karen Cunningham when she had an online workshop. I changed quite a few of the blocks to some in the original quilt which I will get to see when I visit the V & A quilt show in Brisbane later in the year.