Thursday, May 29, 2014

Back again

Back again with something to show for the break from blogging.
The pattern calls for 80 Drunkards Path. That's 320 dark and light squares with 320 dark and light quarter circles which are sewn on top of the squares. The first photo shows them getting made.

The 2nd has the first side on.

Both sides on.

The 3rd side.

and finally all finished. Yay!

and just to finish it off the last feather border.

This now measures 45" and it is square, even though the photo doesn't give that impression.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Finishes Continue.

This first quilt is from a pattern by Sandra Boyle. I have photos in earlier posts of the blocks being made. It is light and fresh looking but not really to my liking. I think it would have looked better with stronger coloured fabrics. Working with light or modern fabrics is being a huge learning curve for me and I still prefer the old reproduction fabrics. 


I did a workshop with Di Ford back in March while I was at Castlemaine, and last week I finally found time to get back to my Sutton Grange. I had a brown , a blue and a green fabric picked out as suitable for the sashing, but making a final decision took some time. The blue was discarded first because there is enough blue in the quilt already and the brown ended up being just too drab, so that left the green and I'm pleased with how it looks. If you can't get to one of her workshop this pattern will be available in Di's next book.

The three small pieces in each corner have still to be needleturned although the raw edge in the photo doesn't look too bad.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Little Bits of this and that...

I've spent the last few days making more of the small blocks needed for the Message in a Bottle quilt. Some are applique and many are machine sewn, pieced. Many are Taupe fabrics but some are Linen and some Japanese cottons. They all go well together.

When I've been away from the machine I've sewn a bit more of the broderie perse flowers. A much slower progress with them or I've slowed a bit with the joy of finishing 3 projects
last week.
The weather is cold, wet and miserable only improved by staying indoors and watching my 'footy' team thrash the opposition. Yay!