Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Wander round the Garden

We are almost into the last month of winter and the garden still has colour.
The buds on the Daphne are opening to reveal their strong perfume.

The Snowdrops are always so dainty. I must remember to thin them out later.

and the Hyacinths and Cyclamen are in full bloom.
The bowl of 'green' is minature daffodils that don't look as if they are going to flower this year.
Did they need less water or more fertilizer, I wonder. The perfume of the Hyacinths is too overpowering for indoors so I sit them on the table at the window so I can see them from inside too.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Something New

Something new.
It sat on my sewing table for a week, that great big bundle of fabric and that was long enough. I spent a few evenings cutting. Then some afternoons sewing strips. Then some more evenings cutting and then 2 afternoons sewing. I now have my 81 - 9 patch for the centre. The bundle on the right are for my 1/2 square triangles. They have the diagonal line drawn ready for sewing but that will be another day. Sorry the picture is so shiny!

We saw this quilt at the Quilt Show last week and I kept thinking, this reminds me of another.

It took me a few days to work it out but as you'll see below....

............I knew it reminded me of another quilt.

This is a Kim Diehl quilt I made in 2007.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Day at the Quilt Show

Janine and I spent the whole day at the Show. We started with the traders. Janine is a lover of 1930's and brights, a lover of pink [ and raspberry] and I love the 1800 fabrics, darks and cheddar and greens. I didn't a lot time at the bead or scrapbook stalls, just enough time to buy a few glass beads, some bright blended thread and 1 fat quarter of Kaffe Fasset fabric for the Sue Spargo workshop I am doing next month. More on that next month.
I bought a quilt pattern at Threadbear for the Basket Quilt that Corliss has designed. It is very nice and can be seen on the shops' website. I also saw the beginnings of a new quilt and pattern by Di Ford due out in September. The centre is an applique and there are pieced blocks around the edge. It looks lovely. After wandering along and seeing all the stalls, bumping into many people we knew, we went into the quilts on show.

I think this was a challenge. They were all grouped together but they couldn't all be seen at the same time.
The same quilt pattern had been used by many people, so this was one of many. It was lovely to see what the difference colour could make to the one design.It was also amazing how each quilt changed by the placement of light and dark fabrics. This was my favourite one, after walking around the stands, this was the one I immediately came back too.

This quilt was lovely. I loved the colour, such a beautiful yellow. A simple design. Very nice.

This one was very fresh! The design - different. I liked it very much.

These 2 quilts were beautiful. This one was very bright which is so not me but very pleasing to the eye and I do like dark backgrounds.

The next one is me, I love brown fabric in quilts, don't know why, and those minature hexagons - Oh! the patience to make them. The centre was applique not a panel, like Broderie Perse, magnificent. Do you see a ribbon? No - well I thought it deserved one. They both deserved a ribbon.

We both has a wonderful day out. My legs were exhausted from all the walking around but we did get a seat on the train home. Not always guaranteed.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

What I Have Been Working On.

I work on several pieces at one time. Nothing like a bit of variety. The Ann Daggs quilt was started with much enthusiasm as most of my projects are. I worked on the applique centre and now only have a couple of berries to add. The 4 borders are very full of applique and there is a lot to sew to complete each one. I am working on the second one at the moment when xstitches and other pieces don't tempt me away. Here is a picture of my centre square.