Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Granddaughters Quilts

I made the same quilt for both of them. The first one is for Abbie and is made in the colours of her bedroom. The background is a light cream and the white wings show quite clearly but not in the photo. Even with the clothes hoist on the highest, the quilt was still longer. I thought I would get a clearer picture outside.

This one is for Grace. I picked the colours mainly because my DIL likes [loves] red and don't we dress our children, in colours we like. The pattern came with 3 layouts so they are slightly different.

I did the all applique and sewing on the machine, so fast and easy to make and rather enjoyable.

Friday, August 19, 2011

It's a Month Tomorrow

It has taken a month to sew the applique on the 2 end borders and now it is finished. There will be a frame of 1/4" fabric bias around the outer edge of the flowers but I'm going to put it on when I do the binding. It has been lovely working with bright colours but I still like my 'muddy' colours.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Show and Tell

Here are a couple of the Show n Tell quilts from people that attended on Saturday. This one was really pretty with it's large sunflowers.

The next 2 photos are of the same quilt from different angles. The colour of the 2nd one is truer to life. I wanted to show all of the quilt because it is hexagons, tiny, tiny hexagons. Even the brown border. Amazing  or insanity.

This was Merri's quilt, so far. Enormous blocks. Just beautiful.

This quilt was down before I got a full photo of it. Here is Corliss from Threadbear holding it. It was the pieced border that interested me the most, made in purple and white it surrounded a centre of enormous flowers.

I showed my Ann Daggs quilt which is my header just now on the blog.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Yesterday, Saturday, Bev,Linda & I went to Castlemaine for the quarterly Applique Society meeting.  We saw Carolyn's antique quilts. Here are some photos of them. The 1st one had lovely bright colours.

This quilt was so different. I had seen the block before but never a whole quilt of them.

The background was more green than grey in colour but the yellow really stood out and was wonderful.

A beautiful red and white quilt.

A quilt with Bev's favourite block.


The blue setting triangles were vibrant.

Another red and white and depending how you look at it the flying geese are going up or down.

This was a teddy bear made by Carolyn, from a school blazer showing the badge and the trim.  What a great use of an old 'wool' blazer. I'm thinking more along the lines of felting the wool for applique on my 'Prim' quilts.

and a real treat for the day.
Seeing Di Hall's Antique Wedding Sampler Revisited that had just been quilted and finished. This is the new BOM quilt from Threadbear. 

sorry I did't get the entire quilt in the photo. Too many in front of me also wanting a photo.

 I will put more photos of the show n tell up tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A New Arrival

On Monday my Grandsons had a new baby sister to meet when school finished for the day. Don't they look delighted. Welcome to Abbie my second Grand daughter in 9 weeks.

I am a member of a Prim online group and it was decided back in January to do a BOM. A Little Porch Time by Lynda Hall. Last week, one of the ladies put up her finished quilt and I thought it was about time I got back to mine.I was very pleased when I realised I had finished the blocks and they just needed sewn together and the borders attached. This I accomplished over the weekend and although everything is in place I still have to applique the pieces on the outer border.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Some Eye Candy

Last Thursday I went to the Quilt Show in Melbourne and here are some of the photos I took of quilts that impressed me. There was a Challenge also on to make a quilt from the Australian book The Fabric of Society by Annette Gero. The first 4 quilts were in the challenge.
This one really caught my eye, as you will see I photographed both, of the same quilt, made by 2 different people.

 This is the Auntie Green quilt, the one I am making just now.

 and this was another one. It had one less border of flowers and was light bright with more modern looking flowers. Both were beautiful. It was so nice to see someone else's interpretation of the quilt I am making just now.

Just a few subtle changes from the first one and they were both lovely.

The Civil War Brides quilt, in blue, stunning.

This quilt was made by Ester Elui and was wonderful. It has been a free pattern over the last few months on her blog and will now be for sale.

This Applique quilt was lovely. It was the pink ripple line on off white fabric that had been used for the background that caught my eye. I always like different background fabric and this one was very effective.

After looking at the quilts, Bev and I walked round all the traders. I bought some fabric, a BOM pattern, a small halogen book lamp which can also stand on a work table and runs on batteries, which will be taken to sewing days away from home.  We met lots of friends doing the same as us and had a great day out.