Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Some Eye Candy

Last Thursday I went to the Quilt Show in Melbourne and here are some of the photos I took of quilts that impressed me. There was a Challenge also on to make a quilt from the Australian book The Fabric of Society by Annette Gero. The first 4 quilts were in the challenge.
This one really caught my eye, as you will see I photographed both, of the same quilt, made by 2 different people.

 This is the Auntie Green quilt, the one I am making just now.

 and this was another one. It had one less border of flowers and was light bright with more modern looking flowers. Both were beautiful. It was so nice to see someone else's interpretation of the quilt I am making just now.

Just a few subtle changes from the first one and they were both lovely.

The Civil War Brides quilt, in blue, stunning.

This quilt was made by Ester Elui and was wonderful. It has been a free pattern over the last few months on her blog and will now be for sale.

This Applique quilt was lovely. It was the pink ripple line on off white fabric that had been used for the background that caught my eye. I always like different background fabric and this one was very effective.

After looking at the quilts, Bev and I walked round all the traders. I bought some fabric, a BOM pattern, a small halogen book lamp which can also stand on a work table and runs on batteries, which will be taken to sewing days away from home.  We met lots of friends doing the same as us and had a great day out.


Sue said...

Absolute gorgeous eye candy- Glad you and Bev had a nice day out.

lamaga said...

Beautiful work!! all incredibly beautiful!
Greetings from Las Palmas, Liliana

Dawn said...

Sounds like the perfect outing - such beautiful quilts. Thanks you so much for sharing. I have that book, and it is beautiful. To see the various quilts - what an amazing challenge.

WoolenSails said...

Those are so beautiful and so much beautiful work went into them, enjoyed the show.


Nancy in MT said...

I can't believe these quilts, they are all stunning. What a great time you must have had. Your quilt on your header, Ann Daggs should have been in the show. I love it.


Lori said...

Great quilts!!

Lida said...

What lovely quilts are you showing, I can see that the Australian quiltsters are really inspired and make great quilts! Thanks for the show, greetings

Lisa said...

Dorothy, thanks for the quilt show. How wonderful to see them all in person. I have coveted that Gero book forever. I really must save up for it. I don't remember that pink background fabric. What line is it from? You're right, it really makes that quilt unique.

Janet said...

I loved seeing the quilts from the show. The blue CWB looks stunning and my favourite is still the Aunty Green. Thanks for sharing with us.

Julia said...

I loved seeing the quilts from the show...would have been nice to be there and see them in for real...love the Aunty Green quilt.
Julia ♥

Ellen Lytle Eichler said...

Lovely Quilts. Just starting quilting again. You mention Ester Elui's blog as a source for the pattern. Would you happen to have a link to that? ellenlytle@yahoo.com thanks.