Thursday, February 27, 2014

Another piece finished.

First item to be finished was the 4th centre block for my Coxcombs and Stars and now I'm working on the bottom and last border. This is a large quilt and laying on the floor was the only way I could photograph it while still in pieces. The bottom border matches the top one and I really want to get this finished in the near future.

I bought this Japanese Taupe fabric last year at the quilt show. It's more of a dark grey than brown and I had the handles and the big black button in my stash already.  The next photo is the fabric I used for the lining. Nice and bright so I can find things when I fill it up. It always seems harder to find the keys at the foot of the bag if it has a black lining.


Block number 6. The 2nd orange border is not dark or dull, it's just the turquoise is very bright.

It feels good to get ahead and finish off some pieces and there's a very good reason too. Next month, March I've booked myself into, not one, but TWO workshops. That's two new projects and I'm looking forward to both of them but they both involve choices of designs so more about that later.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Not a lot of sewing

I managed to get another of Lori's blocks finished. I like to make the HST's by sewing two squares diagonally together on either side of a centre line and with so many fabrics to choose from I try to make enough to have a complete round with no doubles. The bonus to doing it this way is that I then have enough for the next block, as making them this way yields two HST's from each one. I then press them flat, trim  to size and join them together for each side with chain-piecing, so that all four sides are done at the same time. So this is number 5 and I also made the centre 6"block for the next one. 

A few nights with the Winter Olympics, Friday at Somerset and today at the Applique Guild meeting I've made a bit of an inroads to the 4th centre square of Coxcombs and Stars. Not ready for a photo -yet but it's coming along.
I also have Foxtel [Cable] on my IPad and watched all 13 episodes of Season2 of House of Cards. I did thoroughly enjoy it and may watch it again before this offer runs out on the 13th March. The only downside to this, is the fact that I can't sew while my IPad sits on my knee.  I'll have to work on that.  LOL!    Have a good week everyone.

Monday, February 10, 2014


I'm saying Hurray because I've been without my computer for 10days. Today it came home with quite a bit of work done to it. Everything is now working again so I can let you see what I've been stitching. First up, is Month 1 of Di Ford's BOM, the centre. I made so many hexagons for the corners but each time I made them into a rosette the colour or the design of the fabric just didn't look - right  but with the paler fabric, finally I'm happy with how it looks.

Second, is a photo of my Chintz hexagons. I'm waiting on some more white, cotton chintz to arrive before I can do any more. It's turning out to be a bright coloured quilt.
and Thirdly, I made another block for Lori's  Big Top quilt, another bright item on the craft wall.

We have a long spell of extremely hot weather and some days have been over 40C so even with the A/C on it's been just too hot to sew. Today we had a cool change and a temperature of 26C - tomorrow, it's back up into the 30C's for a few days.