Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Sawtooth Borders

I like the look of a sawtooth surrounding a border, it's just the hassle of making them.
This time I cut all the triangles first and made them, paper-piecing, with freezer paper and this not only made them easier to do but much quicker.
With the blocks in place and the sawtooth attached it's on to the next round.

I'm off for a three day retreat next week so hopefully more to show after it.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Two Days in a Row.

I thought I'd post a photo of the little quilt I sent to my Swap partner. Bright and Cheery and all Reproduction fabrics, some very old ones.

Now to what I'm working on, when I'm not sewing this years Sue Spargo's Wool BOM 2017

This is the centre of 'Mid 19th Century Sampler' quilt by Margaret Mew. Margaret had a book called Quilts from the Colonies released by Quiltmania recently. This quilt pattern of hers was in a 2012 Quiltmania magazine and not in her book.

The next border pieces are being worked on just now but stops when the next months' BOM section arrives, so it's a stop and start project and never much to show.

This is why I haven't kept my Blog posts up but I still follow daily.
I can't show any of the wool BOM just now.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

The postman comes early.

I'm lying in bed this morning, it's 1C, freezing, my husband has just left for an early class at the gym when I hear the door opening and in he comes with a parcel for me. 
The postie must have had a very early start to his day.
I have been waiting for this envelope not knowing what day it would arrive. It all adds to the excitement of taking part in Lori's of Humble Quilts, quilt swap.
You only get the name of who to send your quilt to and not who is sending your you.

This year I got my swap quilt from Diane Quale along with some goodies. A small bag for my thread, needles and scissors, a bundle of Jo Morton fabric, a magazine section describing the patchwork shop where Diane had worked and the retreat that is now there. I will sit with a coffee and read it later.
My Swap quilt is a miniature of the full sized one Diane made for herself. It is made with Jo Morton's fabrics which is wonderful as I met Jo and her husband when they were here in Australia a few years ago and I love her fabrics.
I am absolutely thrilled with my quilt and all the goodies.
Thank you Diane, you certainly made my day.
I will add that it has finally risen to 20C and 'tis a beautiful sunny Autumn day.

and hanging up.

Thanks  Lori, for all your hard work,  as usual this has been a wonderful swap.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


  March 2017
  Here's hoping I can blog a bit more often. I've been very slack.
  I am busy sewing Sue Spargo's 2017 BOM which is beautiful again and keeping me very busy. Unfortunately. I can't put photos up on my blog until the BOM is finished.

Here are some older quilts I finally got quilted and bound.
The first one is my Japanese Taupes.

The second quilt is from a magazine pattern. The centre and featured fabric is an old chintz I bought on a trip to Castlemaine.

and here is a close-up of the diamond quilting design.

and lastly my Sweethearts quilt. The pattern is by Sue Ambrose.
I really enjoyed making this one with a help of fabric choices from Sue.

More photos to follow.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas in the sun.

To all my blog followers Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Sunshine and blue skies for Christmas. We are expecting 5 days over 30C and Christmas Day - 35C

I made a small wallhanging from Cheri Payne. She has the pattern free on her FB Friendship Group.
It is cotton and wool and needs to be sandwiched and quilted.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

November already.

This year has flown, the shops are full of Christmas already.
I often wonder if the biscuits and cakes, on sale now, will be
stale in eight weeks' time. November for me is Birthday time,
there are five in the family to celebrate before I think about

Meantime, I have been sewing. A new bag by Yoko Saito.
I bought her new book and there are several quilts and bags
I'd like to make.

I don't normally hand piece but as each block had curved pieces it was necessary this time. The first few blocks took quite a while to make until I work out the best way to join all of the block pieces together. Several of my Taupe fabrics frayed at the edges which did not help but by the last 5 blocks I was hand piecing the curves and sewing the straight seams on my sewing machine.
Here are photos of both sides.

Another project I've been working on is Lori's Madder Mystery quilt from Humble Quilts .
It has been a joy to make using my Madders both light and dark with Shirtings. I still have the half-square-triangle's border to attach around the outside.
Close ups of two of the blocks.

And the quilt itself.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

It's so good to finish

Another border sewn. The leaves always take some time to sew, but I like how they look.

and then the final border. I think this is the perfect place to use the Pillar print.

The next top has been on the go for many, many years. I started these blocks 10, maybe 12 years ago and found each one to take quite a number of hours to needleturn so it only got pulled out when I had nothing else to sew. After getting it out a couple of weeks ago and finding I only had two and a bit to finish it I set to and got them done. All the fabrics are from the Lancaster County III and unfortunately I have now discovered all the reds bleed. When the weather improves it will go into the washing machine with a bundle of Colour Catchers and fingers crossed.

A sewing machine project with some bright and modern fabrics. So much brighter than it looks here. 50 made and 50 to go. I need to decide if I sash the blocks or not and what colour to use. The same background grey if I need it larger or a colour or white. Mmm.