Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A final decision

 While working away on my quilt I've been trying to decide what fabric I would use for the very centre. I have cut and tried many fabrics and finally made a decision.  I've finished all the applique on the outside ring  so the next job is to attach it to a background.  'not what is showing just now'.

Here is a close up of the centre. I ended up using a floral piece of chintz. At the workshop Marg Sampson told us not to make it too prominent or it would become a bullseye. I think I've achieved that.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I've been making the 2" basket blocks with the pattern from Temecula Quilt Co. Blog.  It was their Summer project to make a basket a day in July and August but I only got as far as making 21 of them. To finish them up I've done a simple alternate block with sashing and a border. They are definitely not perfect but at 2" I'm happy with it. They have another little quilt about to start if you're interested.

Also on the go has been my Jane Pizar centre. As you can see the next round is attached and I'm busy appliqueing the motifs on top. Still a few to go.

Last Saturday was the Applique meeting in Castlemaine. The photos of the quilts shown can been seen on Buddy and me and Secret Sewing Sisterhood Blogs. so I haven't put them up this time.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Something different

I'm trying something different. I don't normally hand piece and I don't usually use modern fabrics so I'm not too sure how it will look when finished. I am making a quilt designed by Sandra Boyle. The centre has these 4 Peony blocks  with a single fabric as the alternate block throughout. Then there is a row of Stars, followed by a ring of Birds in the Air,  Crossroads, Square in a Square, Stars again and finished with a border of Half Stars. Phew!   

I then completed the first Stars of many.

I have spent the hours doing this- and many more hours to come.

so that I can eventually do a lot of this. 

When I was at my sewing group on Monday surrounded by hand piecers and I mentioned how long it had taken to draw the sewing lines and cut the pieces out ,there was a laugh of knowing, funny how they had all kept this bit of information to themselves.