Saturday, June 21, 2014

Winter ?

We are well into the first month of Winter and the Red Hot Pokers are showing off their beauty. The birds hang onto the tall stems and swing wildly back and forth while they get the nectar with their beaks. The vegie garden in the background is a bit empty just now. Almost time to put the seed potatoes in.
Remembering that it's Winter, I picked Roses today. Shouldn't it then be Spring or Summer? I put them in a vase beside a painting my DD did.


 I'm a member of the sewing group, Friday Girls at Somerset, they are on Facebook too and everyone except me is in the middle of making a Lone Star quilt. I had no notion to make one as I have unfinished Stars in the cupboard from years' ago. They just don't appeal. I took them in yesterday to show the' Girls' and they want me to finish them. Maybe. Later. If you are with Facebook you can have a look at everyone else's Stars.

Onto the more appealing sewing projects. I finished the last 2 blocks of Message in a Bottle.
and spent last night and today joining all the blocks together. I'm really pleased how the Taupes and Linen fabrics look together. Now for the borders.

Enjoy your sewing.

Monday, June 9, 2014

June - the start of Winter.

I've been working on Message in a Bottle blocks. I'm happy with the Taupe fabrics and the colours I am using. Most of the block with the leaves was stitched while I watched the French Open. The ladies final went for 3hours so I got plenty done.

I'm still working on the 3rd section of Di Ford's Quiltmania BOM. I found the flowers in the fabric I had chosen, for the Broderie Perse in the centre, too small to individually cut and stitch for the border as shown in the magazine so I have added a border using the whole fabric and I'm still deciding if I will add the hexagons over the top of it. The 4th section in the next issue of the magazine may be what influence's my decision.  

There is no rush to decide, I have more than enough to stitch meantime.