Friday, December 31, 2010

More UFO's

I also found in my UFO cupboard a small plastic continer holding 265 -  5 1/2"
squares I had made from the fabric in my scrap basket. I had even trimmed them all so it was an easy job to sew them together.

The quilt is 80" X 80" so I hung it on the clothes hoist to take a photo. As you will see, as soon as I pegged it on, the wind came up. It has turned out quite bright, rather a 'happy' quilt and I am very pleased with it.

Wishing All my Blog friends a Very Happy and Healthy 2011.

Thursday, December 30, 2010


I decided to go through my boxes and cupboards. I wanted to look at my UFO's and decide whether they were worth keeping. Was I ever going to finish them??? was there any need to keep them????? I didn't get passed the first container after discovering 25 blocks ready to needleturn and I was only on the 2nd one. Inspired by seeing all the lovely fabrics I have decided to get on with it and we will see how far I get before it goes back in the cupboard. Here is a photo of the first 2 blocks. They are all either red, yellow or cheddar in colour.

and here is a better photo with the centre broderie perse sewn on. I had my DIL look at the settings on my camera and it has made a great difference. They are a better colour now and not overly bright.

Monday, December 27, 2010

The Story of the Diamonds

My Diamonds are finished.
I have also been looking at pieces to add to the centre as Broderie Perse and found that the  small ring of roses that surround the centre medallion cut into 4 sits nicely around the inner side of the corner hexagons and makes quite a difference to the look of the 'bareness' [is that a word?] of the centre. I will get them stitched on later.

and.... I also finished my X-Stitch, Alphabet Sampler. I had to buy the trinkets online and unfortunately the key which sits beside the "F" is very small but luckily I do have a larger one and will change it over before it is framed. There is also a pair of scissors which are supposed to sit under the "8" beside the "V" but they are too large so I've had to leave them off. I have moved the reel of thread higher to compensate. The squirrel with his "acorn" trinket I think looks great.

The men in the family have gone off for a game of golf so I'm going to potter in my sewing room before it is time to make dinner for them.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Gift in the Mail

Today I received a beautiful little quilt made by Taryn from Repro Quilt Lover. She had made it for a giveaway I was lucky enough to win. It has so many lovely little pieces of fabric in it and I just love it. Thank you Taryn, Christmas has started early.

Also in todays mail I received fabric I had bought online. They are a bit darker than the photo shows. I love the cheddar fabrics and the greens are Jo Mortons latest range.

Friday, December 10, 2010

A Parcel on the Doorstep

Today as I left the house I found a parcel the postie had left on the doorstep.
A box of goodies from Jeni .I was on my way to my embroidery class, so I put it under my arm and off I went. By the time I arrived there, I had an idea it could be the Secret Santa Swap I am in with an online primitve folk art group. 

I explained to everone what I thought it was so it was opened. Everything was separately wrapped in Christmas tissue. A lovely handmade Christmas card. A star made by Rug hooking, I look at the rugs online that people make and love them. This is now my very own piece. A cardboard snowman, wool thread, a very large bundle of felted wool in many different colours that I love to use in making things.2 Fq's of beautiful fabric, some roving for making balls or a beard on a santa, a quilt pattern and the most gorgeous little prim quilt with a black crow too, my favourite. What a marvellous swap to receive and I am truly delighted with everything Jeni has sent.  

I am waiting to hear that my parcel has arrived at my Secret Swap lady.  


Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Christmas decorations come out

Here are some of my Christmas decorations that are handmade.
My Crow wallhanging I received in a Xmas swap online and is made with wool.
He has tartan slippers! and I love it.

This a wool penny mat I made for last Christmas as you will notice Mr Crow is there again. 

I hang this one from the handle of the door.The stitchery is done on linen but the rest of the heart is wool.

This is a Lynette Anderson pattern. I love the penquins on it. This was a great wallhanging to make.

I made this one at WoodnPots, a local shop before I had started making quilts. The shop taught Folk Art painting on wooden shapes that her husband makes. The centre panel and the wooden hanger I painted with a lot of help from the staff and although I don't tie the little bags on any longer it is an Advent quilt with 24 hearts on the border.  

Even the checkerboard was painted!
Sewing is so much easier.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Finally Finished

This is my Primitive Garden quilt. I bought it as a BOM from Primitive Gatherings. It has a cotton Background and Felted Wool applique. This is the first quilt I made with wool.  I made it in 2008- 2009 and have just got it quilted and bound over the last few days. Working with wool that has been felted is wonderful. It is very soft on the hands to sew and as it doesn't fray only requires a whipstitch round the edge.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Progress is slow

My Drayton Hall quilt.
Progress is slow. I have been working on the middle part of the quilt off and on but now have cut enough diamonds to make the surrounds.                    
I started sewing the pieces together bit by bit for the first row and finally came to my senses with the second row that it would be so much quicker and easier to string piece it.                                                                     
This equals enough rows for 1/2 of one side. The strips have still to be sewn together. This was yesterdays work at the machine.                             

Today I was out on a bus trip to Patchwork shops with the AQA. [Aust.Quilters Assoc.] We went to 5 shops. The first shop was like a maze,
rows and shelves of fabrics ,braids ,threads tools. So many corners, cupboards, fabrics from way back when, an aladin cave. I found a fabric I had used in a quilt 10years ago. I loved this fabric and I had kept every little scrap of it because I liked it so much.Recently, I had finally used the last little piece for a berry.  And now, I found a whole bolt of it. Yipee!

The next shop was BRIGHTS, LIGHTS and 1930's.
So, not me but I found a pattern for a sheep. Shaun the Sheep. The sample in the shop had a black with white fabric body, arms and legs and over the top a white fleece Jumpsuit with a zip down the  front, so a child could dress/undress him.
The other sample was made with white with black fabric for the body and a black fleece jumpsuit....and as I'm going to be grandma next year had to have him.

Lunch was next and then off to a sweet little shop with a lovely selection of fabrics.

The next shop was another aladin's cave. This one had Xmas decorations too and afternoon tea on the verandah. This is when we really did feel the heat of the day. It was over 30C.  I bought a pattern to make 3 little Christmas penquins with my felted wool and a nice black/white cotton for making Shaun.

The next store had Japanese fabrics, red - navy and taupes. An enormous range of Homespuns [muslins], and a large range of florals.
and then it was back on the bus and home. I had a good day and didn't break the bank.