Monday, December 27, 2010

The Story of the Diamonds

My Diamonds are finished.
I have also been looking at pieces to add to the centre as Broderie Perse and found that the  small ring of roses that surround the centre medallion cut into 4 sits nicely around the inner side of the corner hexagons and makes quite a difference to the look of the 'bareness' [is that a word?] of the centre. I will get them stitched on later.

and.... I also finished my X-Stitch, Alphabet Sampler. I had to buy the trinkets online and unfortunately the key which sits beside the "F" is very small but luckily I do have a larger one and will change it over before it is framed. There is also a pair of scissors which are supposed to sit under the "8" beside the "V" but they are too large so I've had to leave them off. I have moved the reel of thread higher to compensate. The squirrel with his "acorn" trinket I think looks great.

The men in the family have gone off for a game of golf so I'm going to potter in my sewing room before it is time to make dinner for them.


WoolenSails said...

Your diamonds came out beautifully, love it.


Lida said...

Beautiful your diamonds top and your Alphabet Sampler! Two lovely Finished projects just before the end of the year! Have a great year ending and a fabulous New year! Greetings