Sunday, May 31, 2015

Two sewn and two to go.

I tend to spend a day getting the next block prepared in whatever is on the go and then I can just pick them up and sew a bit now and then. This is how the second block for the Mrs Millar's quilt got sewn, along with all the other bit and pieces. Yesterday was prep day so I have No3 ready to go and the next block for Under the Cherry Tree too.  

I can't resist these Stars. As soon as they arrive, in my emails, I'm off scrounging for the right fabric. This week is Eccentric prints. I think I should have made the first Star with the two fabrics around the other way. The background seems to dominate in the photo and I didn't notice that, when I had it in my hand.



Wednesday, May 27, 2015

More of the Same

This week's fabric was Serpentine Stripes. The two that I chose were featured in the Time Warp Stars history lesson about these fabrics. They have both been in my stash for a while.

and this month's block for Under the Cherry Tree. The fabric for the bird in the centre had been too worn to show the colour on the original quilt so I decided to make it purple, and I also gave it a trimmer body.

I am still busily working away on Sue Spargo's wool BOM which has numerous bullions to be stitched etc and is keeping me totally, happily occupied. I think everyone will love this wallhanging when it is revealed at the end of the year.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Time Warp Stars

Continuing to make the Time Warp Stars. Last week's fabric was Conversational Shirtings.
I picked the orange and yellow designs because I had not used these two colours in my Stars so far, not knowing.......

........this week's fabric was going to be California Gold.
The right-hand fabric was mentioned in Barbara Brackman's blog and she described
the colour as Butterscotch. I also found a little floral among my fabrics that is the same,so I have used that for my second star to represent this week's colour.

I have a bookcase style of cupboard and my fabrics are stacked by colour,
so when I took out the bundle of yellow/gold I found a scrap of Jo Morton's, paisley shirting for my blocks in just the right colour and there was enough to make the two stars.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Reproduction Stars.

I decided to make two of each fabric for Barbara Brackman's Time-Warp Stars. I am now up to date for the sixteen fabric variations. I have managed to find all these fabrics in my stash except for the 'Ombres' . Karen of Somerset Patchwork kindly gave me a piece of blue and brown ombre for my two stars. The second pair of two greens I have used may not be exact but they both have a very definite yellow dye, over the green on the back of the fabric so I am using them to represent the ' overdyed greens' theme. The first set of green stars are Poison Greens.


The added bonus to searching through my FQ's to find what is needed for each week's requirement is the refolding I'm doing, resulting in a tidy tidier cupboard.