Saturday, November 14, 2015


Melbourne is known for it's changeable weather. Warm and sunny one day, torrential rain the next. It only lasted about 10mins but it certainly came down.
and when it rains like that our overflow certainly works. It helps not having a flat block of land and it runs down the driveway.
Last weeks Time Warp Stars asked for Provincial Prints and this is what I used.

and this weeks Stars, Roller Print Clouds and Storms. I had these two in my stash.


Sunday, November 1, 2015

Stars, Stars and more Stars.

Week 40 and the Stars are Cadet blue
and Celestials.

Week 41 Neon                                                                                                       

Week 42 Sprigged Muslins                                                                                       

and also Indiennes.                                                                           
What I have used are not 'old' or 'repro',  but originally fabrics from
India were known as Indiennes .
 I have used these Indian cotton fabrics that were
from a stall, at the Melbourne Quilt show.
The trader had piles of fabric squares of every colour and
  design and I bought a few at the time.     

Not counting the last eight Stars here is my bundle. I believe making them is coming to an end so I will now have to decide what setting I am going to use.
How far will Ninety stars go?