Friday, July 15, 2016

At long last

I discovered if I deposit my camera roll photos on my blog into the Picasso Web Album I can then post them straight into my blog. Yay!

My first photo is the centre of a quilt which is a pattern from the Jane Leary book recently available in shops here. The centre 'chintz' fabric is an old piece I bought from Mary Koval while she was here in Australia, the borders are large and really shows off the beauty of several fabrics

Here is a current photo. I still have one border to add but it is already large and I would like more wide than length at this stage. To give you an idea of the size of the borders, the flying geese on the outside are 10" long and 5" wide. Enormous but quick to make. It is over 80" square at the moment.

I have finished the Crib Quilt and it is now hanging up. I thoroughly enjoyed making this small quilt.

I spent the weekend, Friday to Sunday at Millrose Cottage in Ballan with 10 sewing friends. We had a wonderful time filled with sewing,chatter, laughter and food. Shopping next door at the Millrose quilt shop was a dream as they have a large selection of my favourite Japanese Taupes. This is a bundle of  my fabric shopping.  I also bought some light cream linen for use as a background. I just need to find a pattern.

I haven't worked out how to turn the photos round yet. That's my next job!
Now that I know how to load photos again I hope to show you my other pieces soon.

Monday, July 11, 2016

It's been a while.....

and I've been busy sewing but my photos won't show up when I send them from my IPad to my Pictures on the computer. I also can't get them to go to a new Post when I try to write the blog
with the IPad. Why when they are photos I took with the IPad, I have no idea.