Monday, November 24, 2014

All stitched

All stitched and backed. I have enjoyed working with wool again. It is lovely and soft on the hands. I can bring it out in the Autumn and pop it on top of the table.

Last week I received a bundle of fabrics from P&B Textiles to have a play with. Thirty wonderful tone 0n tone Fat Quarters. What to do? Hmm!

Thinking time.

Monday, November 17, 2014


At sewing on Friday I was sitting next to Sue and she was sewing a Felted Wool pattern and I came home thinking about the wool pattern I had bought recently from the Buggy Barn.
I wanted a table topper and not a wall hanging so over the weekend I popped round to 'Officeworks' and had the pattern reduced in size. Home again, I put the pattern in the printer to make a copy for cutting out, giving me all the pieces of the pattern ready for attaching to my wool.
The next job was a search through my container of felted wools to find the right colours. I then stapled the paper pattern to the wool and cut them out.
Saturday night I removed the pattern and attached the pieces to the background. Now that all the preparation is finished I can sit, sew and enjoy. The watermelon and the pear I cut out of velvet, the rest, including the background, are felted wool.
The pattern is Bowl of Plenty by Maggie Bonanomi.


Saturday, November 1, 2014

Binding and Borders

My Sutton Grange came back from the quilter this week with all this beautiful quilting highlighting my applique. Pam does such a great job.

Then I set to and got the binding sewn on. Finished!
I had no sooner got my quilt pegged up on the line and the wind blew and the rain came on, such a change from yesterday.

Yesterday was hot and sunny 30C, so my Briar Hill with it's borders on has a few shadows from the trees. I found this perfect fabric, Pomegranate, in my stash. I had bought it to use for another pattern,  but fortunately the other quilt didn't get made, because it is so perfect for this quilt.