Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Decision made.

Continuing on from my last post.
I decided in the end to switch three of the blocks around. Looking at my quilt like a 9 patch, [ my 9 blocks]  top central was the culprit having it's background fabric upside down to all the other blocks. I left it where it was and moved the left bird block to the bottom centre, the bottom bird block to the right side and the right bird across to the left making all the bird blocks' background face a different direction. Not what was planned but at least it looks better and I'm happy with how it looks. I didn't really have much choice in the end as I didn't have enough of the fabrics to redo it.
Today the borders went on and it is ready for quilting.

The pattern for Mrs Millers Journey will be available in a month time from the Australian designer, Liz Willing. She has a Facebook page for contact at the moment.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Would you re-do - or take the easy way out ?

I finally finished the last corner block for my Mrs Millers Journey quilt. I've trimmed the edges and laid it all out.
The background fabric is directional and I was very careful to mark the right way up for each block but not quite careful enough. I got of them the right way and one of the basket blocks upside down.
Would you re-do? 
It means removing all the applique and sewing it on again. I have enough of some, of the fabrics, to just re-cut the piece but not enough to recut all of it.

This is what the background looks like in 8 blocks.

and this is how it looks in 1 block

I have an easy solution. I can change the 3 correct basket blocks around then all 4 would be in one direction and the middle and corner blocks would be the other way.
I haven't decided what I'll do yet.
I bought a vintage doll's quilt top quite a while ago and finally decided I would make it into a quilt. I used a plain cream fabric for the backing and the binding and did a few diagonal lines of quilting. I'm happy with how it looks.