Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Before the month of September arrives I need to add the blocks I have finished in August.
I always like something for sewing on the machine and here are the latest blocks I have been making. I need quite a few more as they are only 5 1/4" in size. I have been using my Japanese Taupes and Linen fabrics for them.

The Time Warp Stars for the last fortnight, two with Toiles and 2 with Trailing Vines.




and a simple block for Under the Cherry Tree quilt.


Friday, August 21, 2015


A number of weeks ago Joan from Vibes and Scribes in Cork, Ireland, sent me a piece of fabric from her Fabric and Craft shop. It seemed perfect for some Broderie Perse to be stitched on top of it. I have been trying out several floral fabrics and have settled on this Toile.
As you can see it is very early days and the joins all show. Trimming and stitching to follow. The second photo gives a better likeness to the colour of the fabrics. Later on I want to use it in the centre of a quilt.

Here is a link for Vibes and Scribes  The shop has a lot of different fabric and craft items and something I've been looking for after my local supplier closed, Dylon dyes which I use for my felted wool. Just something else to keep me busy. Thanks Joan, for the fabric. I hope you like what I'm using it for.

Saturday, August 1, 2015


The Time Warp Stars for last week were Indigo.


and this week's Stars are Lapis Blue.

Recycled - with many seams.

and my July block, for Under the Cherry Tree. Just finished it in time.