Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Christmas decorations come out

Here are some of my Christmas decorations that are handmade.
My Crow wallhanging I received in a Xmas swap online and is made with wool.
He has tartan slippers! and I love it.

This a wool penny mat I made for last Christmas as you will notice Mr Crow is there again. 

I hang this one from the handle of the door.The stitchery is done on linen but the rest of the heart is wool.

This is a Lynette Anderson pattern. I love the penquins on it. This was a great wallhanging to make.

I made this one at WoodnPots, a local shop before I had started making quilts. The shop taught Folk Art painting on wooden shapes that her husband makes. The centre panel and the wooden hanger I painted with a lot of help from the staff and although I don't tie the little bags on any longer it is an Advent quilt with 24 hearts on the border.  

Even the checkerboard was painted!
Sewing is so much easier.

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Nancy in MT said...

Dorothy, I love all your Christmas decorations, and what wonderful gifts from Jeni, what a real treat to receive such treasures. Nancy