Monday, January 3, 2011

Work on the UFO's Continues.

Another quilt almost completed and put away as I tired of the process. I was making this quilt with an online group and making my first quilt with machine applique. I had not used this method before and I can now say never will again. Cutting the paper shapes out, cutting the fabric out, starching the edges, so they turn over and stay, and ironing them and burnt fingers  and an ironing table cover ruined, this was not fun to make. The sewing was very quick and easy but the look of the nylon thread leaves much to be desired. I will always continue to try new ways but it needs to enhance the look of my quilts and be pleasing to do.
This quilt is a Kim Diehl pattern from an American Patchwork and Quilting magazine and is called Promise of Spring. 

I have two of Kim Diehl's books and several of the patterns are tagged to be made. There is a lovely dolls quilt and a candle mat in the books too. This     next quilt is also her pattern that I made a few years ago and is called           Feathered Stars and it is in her Simple Traditions book.

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