Sunday, January 16, 2011

Getting Ready

Yesterday, the first of the potatoes were dug up. There are Pontiac, King Edward and Kifler. The strange shaped ones are Pink Firapple and this is the first time we have grown them. They seem to grow extensions out of the sides and could be hard to peel. I think a hard rub to clean and then boiled with their skins on will be the way to go.

 We have had lettuces for a while and radishes too, but these ones are enormous and hot. This is the first of the tomatoes ripening. There are plenty on the bushes but they are still green. Everything has grown wonderfully with all the rain we have had but we are now needing it warmer so that the tomatoes can ripen.

It has been preparation time again. I have been working on both corners 3 and 4 and I now have all the pieces for No3 on and ready for applique and the templates ready for No.4. I have ironed on the freezer paper for the leaves but still  have to do the flowers. I like to do this during the daylight as it is easier to choose the colours of the fabrics I want to use. 

and in the evenings, finishing up the ball of wool from the jacket I knitted a pair of bootees.


Sue said...

Pink firapple are the only potatoes I will grow. Your right just wash and boil them - Lovely and buttery.
Glad your applique is coming on.

Lisa said...

Your potatoes are making me hungry. You just can't fix them in a way I won't eat them. :) Your Mary Brown is coming along great, and the booties and jacket are just too cute!

Janet said...

Dorothy, can you please keep that header photo up for awhile so I can drool over it? You've had quite the productive garden, the potatoes look great as I've never seen the ones that are shaped like ginger.