Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Things

Can you see what's coming this year? Not once but twice. Both of my DIL's
are expecting a bub later in the year, so Grandma has to get started now.
My elbow has decided to throb if I knit for too long so I've been knitting 10rows whenever I sit down and this will get what I want to knit finished although a tad slower than usual........... and keep the elbow sweet. 

I had a package in the post this week, a new project. I'm getting it as a kit from the Buggy Barn so that I have the variety of plaids and brushed cottons the pattern calls for. I'm also adding [felted] wool to most of the blocks to add texture to it. I love the mixture of cotton and wool on the more 'Prim' style quilts.

I will also have to look for a couple of nice 'cot' quilt patterns but may not be able to make these until later.  I will need to know if they are to be blue or pink.


Miriam said...

Looove your new header!!! It is wonderful to see how others have used different fabrics and how everyone arranges their blocks in the Sarah Morrell quilt! Yours is stunning!!!

I hope your elbow lets you get your knitting finished.

Congratulations on the coming Grandbabies!

Nancy in MT said...

Dorothy, I agree, your header is gorgeous, to see those blocks so close up. Lovely.
Congrats times two. Had to figure out what a bub was, duh.

I will never do that machine applique with nylon thread, it doesn't make for a nice quilt, would rather take my time and do it by hand or with embroidery stitches with the machine.

Nancy, where it's 0 degrees

Lida said...

Congratulations on the coming Grandbabies, I wish both mothers to be, a happy and good time! And I look with respect and admiration to your new top! It is beautiful! Here one of the ladies also finished her top and it looks quit different from yours because of the other fabric, but both are beautiful! Have a good day, greetings