Saturday, January 29, 2011


I went to Summer School at Somerset, a local quilt shop, a fortnight ago to make the Queen's Square quilt. It is made up of three different blocks and we started two in the class, and next Monday we do the third block and look at how the border is made. Which for me will be a while away as the blocks are hand pieced and have quite a bit of work to them. This is a picture of the quilt. I got a gloss photo in the pattern so it has come up a bit shiny. 

This is my first block for the centre and I have used fabrics that are the colours of the dots on the background fabric. I am having fun using these unusual [for me] colours. I have still to finish sewing this one.

This next block goes around the inner border except for the corners.The blocks are 12" in size.

I love roses and I like to cut some for in the house.Especially when we are expecting hot weather [40C] the next few days as they will all open up in the garden, dry out and die. 

The blood red ones are my favourite.


Lori said...

What unusual and lovely blocks! They look very difficult to make too.
The roses are gorgeous.

Lisa said...

Dorothy, your roses are beautiful! The blocks are very interesting. I've never seen anything like them before. Your colors look very nice, and I will be looking forward to more.