Sunday, December 2, 2012

December 2

My DH saw the flower yesterday, how long it has been there we don't know but this is the first time this thicket of tall strap leaves has flowered. From the top of the leaves the flower stem is over 2 metres in length and the petals in each clump up the stem are a browny-pink colour. I have to say that it is in the far corner of the garden, out of sight behind the Magnolia tree when we come and go from the house. I need to walk around the garden and look up more often. 

These on the otherhand are right at the foot of the front steps of the house. They are Kangaroo Paw plants and so vibrate against the green foliage in the garden and 2 metres tall.

On the sewing side of things, I've started the 5th block of Yoko Saito houses. I received my Quiltmania magazine last week with the 6th block and the finishing of the quilt top. It is really nice how all the blocks have been put together.

I have also been making new vines and leaves for panel No.8. this week. I'm wanting to get this project finished.


WoolenSails said...

Your gardens are beautiful, too cold here. Love your blocks, I got a couple of issues, but stopped getting the rest. I did find one of her books in our library, has some nice purses and some quilts in it.


Karen said...

I have seen some of those house blocks on a blog or two. Love the style of them.
Your quilt shown in the header got my attention. The design looks very familiar. I see it is a Blackbird Designs quilt but I am not remembering which book it was in.

Every Stitch said...

Love those kangaroo paws! And your YS houses are looking great - it is a cute project isn't it?Every Stitch