Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas mail

Today is a hot day! 33C. Just the perfect time to wash quilts and get them on the line to dry.  Today I washed my Oak Leaves and Turkey Feathers quilt,  picture on my sidebar, and it has dark green, greys with oranges and RED fabrics. I'm always very wary when I wash a quilt with red fabrics so into the washing machine along with the quilt went 5 Colour Catcher sheets.  Just to show how wonderfully they worked, here is a picture of before, left- white and after right - red. The quilt is perfect, not one bit of bleeding.

I am a member of a Primitive Folk Art online Yahoo group. Each Christmas I take part in the Christmas Swap and today my parcel arrived from Sandy in Ohio, my secret swap person.  It contains wonderful goodies and here are some photos. Two Christmas Ornies, a Mitt and an Angel to hang on my tree that Sandy had made.

A FQ of Christmas fabric and a roll of Felted Wool. Yum!

and a wool hanging bag. Thank you Sandy I love them all.

Things have to be homemade and come from our stash and the bag was this years decision for the main item.
My parcel has been sent to Cathy in Florida, my secret swap person but it hasn't arrived yet. I'm hoping the mail is slow and it's not missing.


Every Stitch said...

That is a good demo of colour catchers at work! I use them routinely too but have never seen them catch so much! Thank goodness they were in there - a cheap insurance policy?!
Every Stitch

Sue-Anne said...

Your Xmas swap presents are lovely.

Nancy in MT said...

Sandy made you wonderful gifts, all so lovely. It's been a nice swap for all the ladies, gifts of friendship, the best.

WoolenSails said...

That is a big difference and I have had reds run, so I will have to try that.
Nothing worse than a red tinted quilt;)
Love the goodies that Sandy made, and the wool is beautiful.


Maureen said...

Those color catchers are great.
Lucky you! Sandy made such sweet gifts. So fun to get a package in the mail.

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful gifts - lucky you! The roll of wool is extra special!!!

You put all the Color Catchers in at the same time? I'm really glad they worked. Those things are amazing.