Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Header

I couldn't wait for the end of the month to change my header. Home Sweet Home is a lovely quilt but it looked rather lifeless in the header space.
I made the Mary Mannakee quilt in class over  3 1/2years doing 1 block per month.
I cut the blocks larger and stitched it together with French seams so it is a Summer Throw instead of a quilt. This was my first needleturn and when I got to the end, I went back and restitched the 1st block. It was really bad. I've loved needleturn stitching ever since.


Miriam said...

I love needleturn too.

Your Mary Mannakee is magnificent! I love how you used softer pinks with the reds.

Lida said...

It is a beauty again, good idea to use it as a summer throw. Greetings

Deb said...

Wow your first one and you did absolutely awesome!! love the work you put into this quilt and Love that you made it just as a summer throw. It really is gorgeous

Michelle said...

Gorgeous !!!
I love needle turn as well.

Linda said...

Dorothy, Your Mary Mannakee is breathtaking! It's amazing that it was your first try at needleturn. I never would have thought of using french seams to turn it into a summer throw. Great idea :)

WoolenSails said...

Your quilt is gorgeous, you really inspire me to do more applique quilts and I want a nice one for my new bed.


Dawn said...

Beautiful work. I have the pattern...have so far helpd off starting - you might push me over ;-)

Anonymous said...

Dorothy, your quilt is magnificent. What a wonderful teaching tool! I'm glad that you weren't afraid to give it a try, because you found a new love. Most ladies think that it's too hard and give up or not try at all. Michele G

audrey said...

i cannot believe that this was your first needleturn! what an incredible quilt.

Debbie said...

I recently bought the Mary Manakee pattern from the DAR and it is on my very long to do list. Love yours with it's pinks and reds

Dorothy said...

I'd never noticed how pink the red & white fabric looked. It is a small red flowers on a white background.
I was going to change it to an upright photo but the fabric still looks 'pink'.

Heather said...

Wow, I love your header quilt and all the quilts on your sidebar. I am a new follower!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dorothy
Your version of Mary Mannakee's quilt is really gorgeous. Quite an achievement for your first needleturn project!I've had that pattern for yonks and have held off making it...getting closer now I have decided which green to use.
Cheers, Kate

antique quilter said...

just beautiful
I love that center block as I will never do the center block in the pattern
this makes me want to start working on mine again!!!!
can you tell where the pattern for that block is?
this is such a major accomplishment
congrats again!