Thursday, October 20, 2011


The Honeycomb blocks are growing. It looks old in the browns and creams.
One more round of cream and then square off the corners with a few more
and I'll be finished.

In my Mary Mannakee quilt there is a fabric looking 'pink' but it is red flowers on a white background. I didn't even add the yellow fabric as I wanted a red, green and white quilt. I was going to change it for an upright photo of the quilt but it still looks 'pink' a colour rarely used by me.


Lida said...

I love the colors you used, it will be a very nice quilt! Warm greetings

Dawn said...

Honeycomb is looking good! Beautiful collection of fabrics too.
I can see the light red in Mary might read pink in some lighting. It is a pretty red though!

Anonymous said...

hmmm, yes ... you do tend to under-use that wonderful pink color! shame on you!
and i really can't believe my eyes, rubbing them to make sure but yep, that'd be hexagons i'm looking at. o m gravy!

LuAnn said...

Your Mary Mannakee quilt is just gorgeous and makes a beautiful banner. Love your honeycomb, too!

Kiekplaotiesenzo said...

The colours are lovely, it looks old and i love that!

antique quilter said...

ok this honeycomb is just great what size are the shapes, are you using paper pieces?
I love brown and tan /beige