Saturday, October 29, 2011

It's been a while

I've sewn a bit more of my Honeycomb. The length is where I want it but the sides need , I think, 2 more on each side. The hand piecing was supplemented by the sewing machine in the end. I can sit for hours and applique but stitching along a line - boring.


So with that said I've been back to the centre block of my Maltaville quilt and have sewn it all except for the berries and I've also stitched 2 of the smaller blocks so it's back under the heading of WIP and not a UFO.

I've been asked to look under the bottom of my plant pot and find the name of my friend. You see, she gave me this one, mine is flowering again and hers unfortunately is not.
Sorry,Bev I didn't find your name there.



antique quilter said...

blocks look great ! love the background fabric .
oh love the honeycomb is looking great! fun to watch it grow

Heather said...

I agree. Much as I love working on hexies I still love applique best.

WoolenSails said...

I love your honeycomb, nice shades and contrast.
I need to get organized again, so I can get back to larger quilts.


Lida said...

Mine always flowers one year, so I bought me a new one already, hoop it blooms with Xmas!
Your quilt is again a wonderful one, it looks great with these applique flowers! And thes hexes are also goiing wel, enjoy! Greetings

Karen said...

I like the look of the neutrals in your hexagon quilt. And the quilt in your header picture is wonderful!

David said...

How I love your appliqu├ęs!!! they are stunning and the background gives them dimension. I also noticed how such bacgrounds had interests in several Yoko Saito's quilts. the honeycomb is awesome too ;-) Very inspiring... as usual.

ButtonMad said...

Your honeycomb is incredibly striking - a lovely piece.

Holly said...

You reminded to buy an amaryllis bulb this year. It was my grandmother's tradition to always have several ready to bloom each year. I believe the bulb has to be refrigerated for a month or two in order to force the bloom during the holidays. I also love your honeycomb. It will be lovely.

needlesandpins said...

Your honeycomb quilt looks very pretty. Could you tell me how large a single honeycomb is. Thanks.