Monday, March 14, 2011


I joined the making of the Maltaville Album quilt c1847 at Quilt Station. Margaret is drafting the patterns for us to make the quilt. These are the 1st four blocks I received this month. If I can keep making one block a week, I will be able to keep up to date. The first 3 photos have the same background but the 4th is different.Unfortunately I didn't have enough to make the quilt with either fabric so the large centre block, 44 small blocks, the border and the binding will be the same as the fabric in the first photo, and 22 small blocks will be made in the fabric of the fourth photo.

I am hoping to use a lot of different fabrics from my stash, but as all quilter's know it never seems to reduce, so that we can buy new fabrics.


WoolenSails said...

Beautiful blocks, can't wait to see it put together.


Lori said...

Four lovely blocks Dorothy!!!

antique quilter said...

the blocks are just beautiful
I am so glad to see your making this quilt

oh your center of the Auntie Green quilt is just amazing.....
keep going, I just LOVE that quilt

Lisa said...

Your blocks look great Dorothy, and congrats on being caught up. I guess I better get started on mine before the next group comes.