Monday, March 21, 2011

The Things I Keep

I keep a bag of baby/cot things in the top of the wardrobe. They have not been used recently as my Grandsons are 8 and 6, but with 2 more on the way I thought I would get it out and tidy/ wash/ repair. Just check what I had.
I knitted this shawl over 40years ago and my youngest son was the last to use it, I am now giving it to him and his wife.

I also found this lined basket. In the days before I made quilts I made things like this.  

 Do you know what this is? It was in my basket.

It's called a Daisy Wheel.
This was also in the basket. I didn't realise I had made so many of the Daisies and abandoned them. Time to get it finished.

Here is the pattern I use. It makes a pretty matinee jacket. I have made it before and it is something fancy for a little girl.


Nicky said...

Hi Dorothy, I was at the queen's square class with you at Somerset earlier this year. I really enjoyed reading your blog and seeing all your lovely projects. What beautiful work you do!

Lori said...

You are so creative Dorothy!!

Lida said...

Hallo Dorothy,
What a lot to see for me, love your knitted shawl, what a nice thing to give to them, a real familypiece! The blocks of your new quilt look superb, wish you succes with them! Greeting