Saturday, March 5, 2011

Nearly finished

 I collected signature blocks from ladies I spent time with while sewing and although there was many I didn't manage to catch up with, I felt the 60 I got was a fair number for a quilt.
I got it back from the Quilter yesterday and just have to put the binding on.

Meanwhile I needed to do more than sew leaves. I have managed to get 1/2 of them sewn. I started to get the stems on and soon realised there were even more leaves to be stitched first because they go under the edge of the stems. So those leaves are done.
After making the bias I put 1/4" fusible tape on the back so that I could iron them in place and there they will stay 'til I get to sew the edges. Under the freezer paper there is one 'cheddar' and one 'madder' red flower. It's amazing how much more I still have to add to this centre. Choosing fabrics and colours are such an enjoyable part of making a quilt. 


antique quilter said...

oh this is just so beautiful Dorothy
I am very jealous
love this quilt

Lida said...

Again a beautifull beginning of a beautifull quilt! If I look at the right and see all those you already made, I envy you!! Lots of pleasure and success with this beautiful new one! Greetings

Lori said...

Dorothy! I love the start you have on the coverlet quilt. The colors are beautiful!!