Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sue Spargo's " Greta" Needleroll

I finished my needleroll that was the workshop with Sue Spargo at the weekend.
This is the inside. The light coloued fabric R +L is 2 large pockets with zips.
The red wool pocket for scissors/pencil/pen or ruler. The centre is a pincushion bird and a wool needlecase below and there is a ribbon to hold reels of cotton too.

The outside has a pocket on the left, a label on the back and the applique front. The big button
and loop for holding it closed.

When it is all rolled up, this is how it looks.

I'm off to visit my daughter for a couple of weeks and may not get to put any photos on my Blog, if so I'll tell you about my trip when I get back.


Adele said...

I love the needleroll that you made its lovely.

Make sure you back some warm clothes it gets chilly at night up here, and we are expecting 40mm of rain until next Tuesday.

Adele in Hervey Bay.

Lida said...

Have a fantastic time and enjoy!
I love your needleroll!! Nice and original all those different fabrics. Greetings

Papier and Cakes said...

Just gorgeous Dorothy - as always - bet you're really proud of it. Have a lovely time up north and bring back some sunshine for us all here.