Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Just Home

I've had a lovely time in Queensland and although I did take some sewing with me, I did so little it's not far enough along to take another photo. I have returned to a garden in flower and how. The Spider Magnolia, the Flowering Apricot, the Irises and some of the Echiums are blooming. Everything has grown soo much. All the rose bushes are heavily leafed and looking very healthy.
I have taken a few photos of the garden and will show you them, the holiday snaps will have to wait till later as the computer is playing up and is going away tomorrow so that my files can be transferred to a 'new' one.

This is the flowering apricot. It is only a third of what we had last year. The other branches were too heavy and were bending over almost touching the ground so we removed them.

Here is one of the Echium bushes and the rose hedge behind with it's new growth.
and this one is the front garden [jungle]. The dark pink flowers are a flowering Sage and what looks like white [behind] is the pink Magnolia.

I will post some more photos later.

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