Sunday, March 10, 2013

Indoor Days

The thermometer on the verandah is showing 37C. It's been over 30C for 7days and 3 more days of it is expected. I do like it warm rather than cold but I can do without the hot days. The house has stayed quite nice with the blinds shut on the outside but about 4pm the air-conditioning goes on.
I've finished No 2 block of The Bundling Board.I always enjoy working with the wool.

Something new started. I bought Parson Gray 's range of fabric called Curious Nature and found a pattern recently that I thought would suit the fabrics which is really the wrong way round. It's greys and black, and navy and blue [turquoise]. Here are the first few stars that are make in 3 sizes.

and I've finished the applique on the centre of the Mosaics quilt. You've seen bits of this before but not for a while. I took the photo indoors so it's a bit dull. Wasn't game enough to go out in the sun to get a brighter one.

Next is a border of hexagon flowers on the pattern but this may change.


Susan said...

Oh that sounds too hot. You are working on some lovely the Mosaics quilt.

antique quilter said...

just love the center of the mosaics quilt beautiful, WOW I am loving this quilt. have to look back in your posts to see the whole quilt pattern and whose it is, love the flowers and that bird center.
nice stars, great colors... haven't seen that fabric line yet. but I love stars!

Debra said...

Love, love, love the Mosiacs!! I don't think I've seen that patttern before, but it's a beauty. I also do the backwards thing - purchase fabrics, then find a pattern that looks like it goes with it... so maybe it's not backwards, just how the mind works sometimes :).
And, I have that Bundling Board pattern - now that I see your great fabric choices, I may have to pull it out!
Thanks for sharing !

Judy Dietrich said...

I like the quilt you have in your header. Lots of great embroidery!!! The grays, blacks and blue fabrics are very neat designs--have not seen this fabric before. I love stars--so this is wonderful. I like working with wool also, it has such a great feel to it. I use it more for felt figures than quilting however. The mosaic quilt is absolutely gorgeous. That circle in the middle really sets off the whole center. You do such nice work on your applique. It is always fun to see what you are working on. I have not seen this pattern before, but I would vote for hexagon flowers. Remember I have not seen the pattern, but I like how hexagons change the texture of a piece. Just a humble thought. Keep on stitching. Judy

WoolenSails said...

Those are all beautiful projects and beautiful appliqu├ęs.


Nancy in MT said...

I've always liked that pattern, Bundling Board from Lynda, like the wool on cotton that you are using. Your Mosiac quilt is stunning, such tiny applique.

Take care,

Janet said...

The wool project looks great and I'm loving your colour scheme for the stars. The Mosaics quilt center looks awesome.

Karen said...

I pulled out my Bundling Board pattern yesterday. But pull it out is all I did. I am going to read it over today.