Monday, July 4, 2011

A weekend to remember

My friend,Ros and I went off to Castlemaine,Victoria for a weekend break and to attend the Applique Society's special meeting. Corliss and Megan from the Threadbear quilt shop run the meetings every 3months but this was an extra this year for us to meet overseas guests.
My first photo is Petra Prins and her friend Nel of Den Haan & Wagenmakers in Holland and here they are showing some of their Chintz fabric. They gave a talk about the shops and their fabrics and I ended up being lucky enough to buy this piece of fabric before they left.

We also met Joe and Mary Koval and saw some of their antique quilts and fabrics that they had brought with them. This quilt with it's Broderie Perse was all needleturn. Absolutely beautiful.
This photo was taken last Tuesday night when I had been invited to Linda's to meet and preview Mary's antique quilts and fabrics.
This was a wonderful night and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.                         


This is a photo I took inside the Town Hall where we had the meeting and two more of our special guests you can see with their red tops on were Carol,owner and editor of the magazine Quiltmania and her photographer, Guy. They went round every table looking at what everyone was stitching and taking photos. There was over 200 of us.

I would like to thank Corliss, Megan and Di Ford for such a wonderful day.
On Sunday, Ros and I went to Malden, a small country town not far from Castlemaine and they had a Food and Wine market on, in the Main St. We also visited the patchwork shop there.  Then it was back into the car and home.


Anonymous said...

Wow what a wonderful time must have had.
Is Castlemaine far from Melbourne, I am coming down for the Quilt show with a friend, can you tell me places we should visit in Melbourne please.


Miriam said...

Wow, what a wonderful weekend you had!!!

That quilt is gorgeous!!!

Phebe and Jane said...

How nice that you met Petra Prins and were able to buy the fabric you wanted. I live quite close to het shop in Zutphen (Netherlands). I ofter go there to buy fabric.
Regards, Marian