Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A bit of sewing and a bit of shopping

I have done a little sewing. The first photo is the block I have been working on for the Mary Brown quilt, the second photo I did a while ago and forgot to show. They are all quite different. I didn't notice it so much when I looked at the whole quilt but as I do each block the variety is wonderful.

I could not go to Threadbear in Castlemaine and not do a little shopping. They had quite a lot of Quiltmania books in the shop for us all being there for the Applique Society meeting. Carol, of Quiltmania had brought the quilt on the front of the book for Show & Tell and it is beautiful. I have seen quite a lot of Yoko Saito quilts and bags online, in the many different colours of   'taupe' fabrics and I have always liked them . Not only was I drawn to this book by the quilt on the front but also by the bag patterns inside. Anyone that has been in my sewing room knows how much I like to make bags.

and then I bought a few fabrics. I have also included the Chintz border fabric I bought from Petra Prins so that you can see it better.


Dawn said...

I bought a lot of the dutch chintzs too. So far I have made two quilts (will be sharing them soon). Looking forward to seeing your projects with them. I'd like to see your sewing room!

David said...

Your blocks are beautiful. Beautiful choice of fabrics too. Have you already plan to make something from the Yoko Saito book ?

Margaret said...

It all looks great. Hopefully you can bring show and tell to sewing on Tuesday. The book looks very interesting, I think I love the quilt in the background. Catch up soon,