Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hot Days

The last couple of days have been hot, over30C so what was a green bud 10days ago quickly changed to a pink bud and then opened completely yesrday with the heat. It is not a reflection in the window it has two flowers from the one bud. Just glorious. I was given the bulb by a friend whose plant doesn't have a bud, yet, so her suggestion today was that we swap plants. I told her, No Way!                                            
It has been sitting outside all winter so the copper pot has turned green.                                                  

The Clematis at the front door has excelled itself this year. I didn't cut it back last winter and it has
flowers from the ground up. It is hard to tell in the bright sun but the flowers are pale lilac in colour.

Today, it has rained and cooled down. Much better for sitting and sewing.


Lida said...

Well you had a hot day, here the first snow has fallen and it is very cold! Your Amaryllis looks lovely, here we try to have them in bloom with Xmas, but mine has already two buds and I think it will bloom to early! Have a nice day! greetings

Sharmayne said...

The clematis is looking great Dorothy - have you had it there very long?
I too am glad it decided to cool down a bit today. Hugs Sharm