Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Applique and Diamonds

I haven't posted all week but I've been busy doing preparation and appliquing. This one is my Drayton Hall. I have changed the centre around to have the broderie perse in the middle surrounded by hexagons whereas the pattern has the hexagons in the middle and they are surrounded by broderie perse. This week I made a start on cutting out the diamonds that surround the centre, I have about 500 cut so far.

This is the first corner that surrounds the centre, of Homage to Mary Brown,
which is set on point. I added a few more leaves to the pattern as it looked a bit sparse. There are a few more ivy leaves to be stitched on and I think it also needs something extra to the right side. Hmm! and now that I have a photo to look at, I don't think the green leaf in the middle is right. Will have to work on this.

Over the last year or so I have been collecting signatures of as many friends that I have sewn with in different groups and also a swap of signatures of people online from a Yahoo group that I am a member of. There are others I haven't managed to catch up with but decided last week it was time to put it together.

I bought this book of Samplers and it shows the most amazing  antique stitcheries from the collection in the Glasgow Museum. It is just a little book but lovely to have to browse through.


Michele said...

Good work on your cornucopia. I'm already worrying about those corners. The original, and the pattern, have a lot of empty space, don't they? Michele

Joke said...

I've taken a good look at your blog and you did some wonderful stitchi items! Also your quilts, gorgeous! I love you Phebe :)