Friday, October 29, 2010

Where did you come from?

I have tall purple irises opening into flower now but there is a rogue in the garden, where did you come from? I love the colour. I hope it does well.

This is the 'Snowball' tree. It was here when we bought the house but I think it has enjoyed all the extra rain this year because it has grown and flourished  and the Echiums continue to be wonderful. They are humming with bees.

The X stitch continues to grow too but I still find the 'single thread' stitching
very tiring on the eyes so I will lay it aside again for a short rest. The next 2
areas to be sewn are a cat behind her chair and a little stitchery on the stand in front of her. Both are single thread work, then onto the last row. I need to get the trinkets, a key, an acorn, scissors and a heart to finish it off.



Anonymous said...

I love that sampler, can I ask what pattern that is? It's beautiful!

Lida said...

It is tiring, but it is also beautiful! So is your garden, I love those beautiful flowers, here everything is at the end! Have a nice long weekend, greetings