Thursday, October 21, 2010

Quilts, the Garden and X Stitch

These are the photos of the quilts from the Barn that I took. The light shining on the quilt has lessened just how beautiful this quilt is. It is called The Burnt Quilt and is Di Ford's latest pattern.

This one I was really happy to see because I have already started to make it. I took quite a lot of close up photos to show me the colours of fabrics they had used for the birds in the outer border, which will be quite a while away as I am only in the middle at the moment.

This was so different. The Broderie Perse was magnificent. I loved how the picture of the little temple had been surrounded by flowers and all needleturn-ed to the background.

As the first lot of Irises finish, the dark blue ones flower. It is lovely to have  continuous colour in the garden. Behind them the roses are out on the Rugosa hedge and the aphids have arrived enmasse. Time to get them sprayed.

I have spent the last week x stitching in the evenings. I have a really good light and a magnifyer but it is slow going. The verse is stitched over 1 thread.


Lida said...

Oh Dorothy,
You choce of pattern is beautiful! The birds, the colours, the Broderie Perse, a lot of work but what a fantastic result! Wish you good progress!!
Love you X stitching, is really great fun to do now when the days become longer!Here it becomes darker every day, lots of rain, hail and thunder! Autumn has arrived!! Greetings from Holland,

Janet said...

You're amazing with what you get done, thank you for the photos of some of the quilts. They are all so beautiful. The cross stitch is really lovely.

Karen said...

Beautiful quilts!

Nancy in MT said...

Dorothy, your quilts are as stunning as any of those in the quilt exhibit. I heard from Linda about the red quilt, Deb King designed it and can you hear me cry, there is no pattern. The one time I want a pattern and there isn't one. The quilt is called, Not Quite Telling the Truth Applique Quilt.