Sunday, June 14, 2015


In the last two weeks I have made Time Warp Stars with Neat Stripes and for this week, White Ground Chintzes. The red with the black stripe is a piece of antique fabric I bought a while ago and the 'pink' with the tulips is more of a peach colour. It was a 10" square of fabric that was never quite the right shade, that kept going back in the stash, but has now found a place of it's own.

This weeks two Stars are Chintzes, both polished and cotton. The star on the right has lost most of it's sheen because I washed the fabric.

and a change from the last blog. Three finished. They will surround the big red flowers but the baskets will be on the outside edge. The background fabric has a pattern so I have sewn the applique on to keep it running in the same direction after I sew the blocks together.

The weather has been rather chilly so it is lovely to stay in and stay warm and sew.


Shirley said...

Lovely stitching Dorothy.

Flickenstichlerin said...

Wonderful your applique blocks.

Wendy Caton Reed said...

Beautiful time warp stars and I love the applique blocks as well. I love chilly weather - more time for hand work!

Lori said...

Lovely blocks!

Pine Valley Quilts said...

Reading your posts I have fallen in love with your quilt. It is going to look stunning!

Nancy said...

You should be happy. It turned out beautiful.