Tuesday, October 7, 2014


I have finished Block 2 of Beyond the Cherry Tree. If I can just keep making one a month I will eventually have this lovely quilt made and I will also have time to continue with my other projects and finish some 'things' .

One of the 'things' is my Briar Hill. I have 2 rows appliqued to the background strips and there are 4 full length and 6 half size ones still to do. It is a great project for taking with me to sewing group and the Guild and will be finished over time.

Since coming back from holidays the weather has been warmer and sunnier and DH has planted out the veggie garden. The green in the middle are the Chives that have survived from last year. The rhubarb always does well and there is a lot of garlic planted. I went through last years very quickly. Unfortunately it takes 9 months before they are ready to be dug up and then I have to hang them up to dry, a slow process but they are so fresh and tasty. YUM! 

There are a wide variety of other seedlings and the tomatoes plants are still to go in.
The rest of the garden is doing well and there is a lot out in flower like the Gum Rose.

and these

and the Rose hedge has flowered. It is only early Spring so I hope they continue through the Summer as well.



WoolenSails said...

Those are going to be beautiful quilts. I really need to work on mine, but it will have to wait till after the holidays. Our gardens are done for the season, seems it was too short this year.


Susan said...

Your sewing projects look wonderful. Great idea to get DH doing the garden.......while you sew!

Sue said...

As usual lovely sewing projects and its do nice to see your roses in bloom just when were heading into winter.

Carin said...

Your garden is beautiful, love the quilt block

Every Stitch said...

Your applique projects are beautiful - nice to be working in such different colours. Wow - I have serious rose-hedge-envy!

Karen said...

I still have the Beyond the Cherry Tree patterns in a folder for a some day project. Someday never seems to arrive. I am glad to see you working on it. Makes me think there is hope for me yet.

audrey said...

Your quilt in the header is mesmerizing! So beautiful. Love all your applique work. The cherry tree block is wonderful!

helen said...

The quilt in the header "Message in a bottle" is so beautiful, I just had to order Irene's pattern! :)
Beautiful work and always some inspiration to find on your blog!
Thank you and best wishes!

Lida said...

As always your quilt work look fab! I really love the new quilt and the colors you used! Your garden is looking good and i hope you will have lots of flowers and time to enjoy them! Hugs

Sharon said...

So enjoy seeing your pictures of spring - we are starting our winter here in the states.

Lori said...

Your block looks great! I love my quilt. I wish we were heading into spring rather than winter.