Thursday, February 27, 2014

Another piece finished.

First item to be finished was the 4th centre block for my Coxcombs and Stars and now I'm working on the bottom and last border. This is a large quilt and laying on the floor was the only way I could photograph it while still in pieces. The bottom border matches the top one and I really want to get this finished in the near future.

I bought this Japanese Taupe fabric last year at the quilt show. It's more of a dark grey than brown and I had the handles and the big black button in my stash already.  The next photo is the fabric I used for the lining. Nice and bright so I can find things when I fill it up. It always seems harder to find the keys at the foot of the bag if it has a black lining.


Block number 6. The 2nd orange border is not dark or dull, it's just the turquoise is very bright.

It feels good to get ahead and finish off some pieces and there's a very good reason too. Next month, March I've booked myself into, not one, but TWO workshops. That's two new projects and I'm looking forward to both of them but they both involve choices of designs so more about that later.


Lida said...

Your C&S is really starting to look fabulous (as all your quilts) and I love the bag too! Yes a bright inside is just working better, but I love the black details, the make it a fab bag!

Susan said...

Your appliqué is looking fantastic. Gorgeous bag.

Linda said...

I am in love with your Coxcombs and Stars quilt!

Donna M said...

Love the appliqued quilt. This is gorgeous.

Lori said...

The coxcomb quilt is very lovely! I can't wait to see all your big top blocks together.

WoolenSails said...

You have made a lot of progress on your quilt and it looks beautiful. I have some japanese taupes that I got, now i need to make something with them. Love the idea of a purse, but something I need to learn to make.


Chantal said...

The applique quilt is promising to be a big one and such a beauty.
I too like a purse with a light fabric on the inside. It is so much easier to find things and yet so rare to find in the store. Wonderful work Dorothy. Love that turquoise in the big top block! Wow what a splash of fresh air.
Thanks for sharing.

Karen said...

I used to have some of the red stripe used in your Coxcomb quilt. Not a lot. It works so well in the quilt. I found my pattern and have been dreaming about making the quilt.

Jennie in GA said...

Love all that you are doing!