Saturday, July 27, 2013

Just a couple more.

Just a few of my favourite ones.


These two last quilts are minatures. They are just wonderful. The hexagons in the border were 1/4" in size. The labels show their size.

 For some unknown reason the last label will not turn.!


Linda said...

Oh, so pretty! My favorites are the first and last ones :)

Donna~~ said...

Wow, those miniatures make my head hurt just thinking about sewing something that tiny! Thanks for sharing!

Every Stitch said...

They are all lovely - but I especially love the Autumn Breeze miniature. Thanks for posting for us !

Jan said...

Hey, keep them coming, if you want to. These have been a delight to see!

Lida said...

How beautiful are those! Ilove the little ones too! You had a fantastic time! Greetings

Janet said...

They are all wonderful quilts but I am partial to the red and whites. Thanks again for sharing.