Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Sun Is Shinning

The weather is lovely, the sun is shinning and it is not too hot. A Beautiful Day.
I finally got some photos of my Leannes House quilt. Since I put it in my header I've had requests asking if there is a pattern and who's it is. This quilt was designed by Leanne Beasley and here's a Link  to Leannes House. I took some pictures in the shade and in the sun so you can look at both.


I do like how this one looks. This is the only quilt that I have hand quilted except for dolls size quilts and I did it with Perle thread. It still seemed to take forever. 

 Now I want to show you a pattern I've had for years and  wanted to make. It is made with 'brushed' cottons and I'm doing the applique in wools as I always thought they would look good.

Here is my first block. I've stitched the star on but the rest is waiting to be appliqued. I'm going to prepare all the blocks before I stitch. It always take a while to trace the pattern, cut and attach so I'm trying to get some of it done each day.  
The left bottom flower is not wool. It is such a beautiful plaid I wanted to use it. With the brushed side out it could be mistaken for a fine wool.


Susan said...

Your Leanne's House quilt is a beautiful finish. The wool on your new project will be lovely to work with as the weather cools down.

Corina said...

Beautiful finish and a lovely new start!

Lida said...

I adore your quilt and I wish you lots of fun with the new project! Greetings

Sue said...

Both lovely and loving the bundling board. Going to enjoy watching that one grow.

Chantal said...

Thank you for sharing more photos of that lovely Leanne's House quilt. The block in the 4th pictures is just perfect. I love it so much the way you did it. When I see it in other's quilt and it doesn't have the little flowers, I find it's missing something. Have you ever entered it in a quilt show?
Your new project looks so delicious. I can't wait to see it grow.

WoolenSails said...

It amazes me how many beautiful quilts you make and do them beautifully.


Debra @ Life is a Stitch said...

Your Leanne's House quilt is beautiful- a wonderful accomplishment. I'd love to see close up pictures of your pearle cotton quilting sometime. And the new pattern looks like a good one, too. It's nice to work with wool on cotton. Thanks for sharing!