Monday, June 25, 2012

Saturday at Castlemaine

Saturday was our visit to Castlemaine for the Applique Society. It was rather special because we had Carole, and her photographer here from France. Carole is the editor of the Quiltmania magazine. There was a large Show n Tell this month and here are a few of the quilts.

I'm a lover of greens and this quilt by Annette Blake was beautiful.
Annette was also our speaker for the day.

Sue-Ann's Dancing Dollies

This old quilt belongs to Kurt, Corliss's husband. It was made by his Great Aunt

I'm sorry I don't have a note of who's this is but it is wonderful.Please let me know and I'll add their name.

This was made by Sandra Boyle. I loved the blue background.

Decadence by Margaret McDonald, Chocolate and Purple

Frost on the Ferns by Bev Bannard

                                                       and her King George111 quilt

I have filled my photo quota on Blogger for today.


WoolenSails said...

Really beautiful quilts and workmanship, you have so much inspiration around you. I do love the greens in the first quilt.


Lisa said...

Wow, so many great things to look at. I love that first green one, though. I see you have been very busy lately. Where are doing your Sundial Quilt through?? I want to make that one, too, and have been gathering fabrics.

annie said...

those are all lovely!

Anonymous said...

wonderful quilts, thanks for sharing

Lida said...

Wow, what beauty are you showing, no wonder they came over to see all these lovely creations! Greetings

Janine said...

love the planes - think i may have that pattern!
very '30's :)

antique quilter said...

beautiful quilts oh my love the king george 3 quilt oh I think I may need to make that one too!!!

oh the blue quilt by Sandra is there a pattern for that quilt? I love that first quilt too
done in green is amazing...
love the airplanes, just fun....
I could go on and on
beautiful quilts , this quilt does wonderful work

antique quilter said...

oops meant to say this group does wonderful work!!!

Shirley said...

Hi Dorothy, just wanted to say that I have enjoyed the show and tell. What fabulous quilts you have shown, hard pressed to decide on a favourite but rather like the frost on the ferns one because of the pinks and it is always a pleasure to see Sue-Anne's Dancing Dollies. Maybe my favourite is the pretty blue background quilt by Sandra Boyle.

audrey said...

those are great quilts! thank you so much for sharing. i adore the frost on the ferns quilt especially.