Monday, May 28, 2012

A BOM week

This week I've had a break from my Trailing Vines and I have spent my time on the Blocks of the Month that I have on the go just now. The first picture is Block 9 from Canton Village quilt blog.

Photo No. 2 is the 1st block of Yoko Saito's mystery BOM in the Quiltmania magazine No 87. There is a video of Yoko making this block on the Quiltmania website and I am trying her method of applique where all the seam allowance is turned under before appliqueing to the background fabric. It has made the whole process faster and easier. There is quite a lot of topstitching with DMC to highlight the house, bird and tree.

I received a subscription to Quiltmania as a present for last Christmas so I have the next 2 magazines already and I'm working on the next block.                      It finishes in the Nov/Dec issue so I think there is only 6 blocks. If you've followed my blog for a while you'll know that I'm fully occupied for the next 2 weeks. Tennis is on again, the French Open and sewing too.


WoolenSails said...

Wonderful blocks, I do love the yoko blocks, but haven't made any yet.


Miriam said...

Your block 9 looks great! I hope to get to mine later today.

Your Yoko Saito block is amazing!! Thank you for the tip about her method of applique. I'm off to look at the Quiltmania website.

Enjoy the tennis!

Janet said...

I love your blocks too, the Yoko Saito one looks really great. I think I saw the video and even had a little go at that method.