Monday, April 30, 2012

The Same but Different

Saturday was a trip to Catlemaine for the Applique Society bi-monthly meeting.It was a beautiful blue sky and sunny day. The first photo is part of the Birds of a Feather quilt, with a dark background and vibrant colours, really lovely.

The second quilt is one of Annie Downs designs, the two ladies holding it up got rather wrapped up in it trying to show it both ends of the room at the same time.

This was a beautiful basket quilt with great cheddar coloured fabric and made by Fiona Lindsay

The next quilt I don't know the name of but as you see is absolutely lovely.*It is called Queen Daisy by Susan Smith.

Merri and I decided to show our quilts together and although basically the same pattern so different in colour. It was wonderful seeing them both together. 

After lunch we had a long visit to the patchwork shop and to finish the meeting off I won a door prize, a bundle of fabric donated by Corliss of Threadbear.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Dorothy for the show and tell, I've been waiting all weekend to see the treasures that always appear at the Applique day. Sounds like another inspiring day. Virginia Enright

Heather said...

Such wonderful quilts. You Aussie quilters continue to delight and inspire me. Those two "Mary Brown" quilts are delightful to see together. Thanks so much for sharing!

WoolenSails said...

I can see where you get inspired to make your beautiful quilts, wonderful group to belong to and wonderful pieces.


Lida said...

What lovely quilts are you showing and I really love both quilts altho I prefer your colors!

Anonymous said...

"Queen Daisy", a Susan Smith design is the one you didn't know the name for. Beautiful!

Dorothy said...

Thank you